Moya Delany is an artist, designer and a creator, her design perspective and sophisticated
eye and feel for materials has always set her apart.

Moya’s output spans supplying interior designers and private clients with unique made to order lighting to creating capsule ranges of fabulous leather belts and feather accessories.

Her new range of oversized globe shades constructed from vintage Signal flags from NATO warships and American flags made in 1895 is quite simply, stunning.

Everything you find in Accessories, Headpieces, Lighting and Event Decoration can be made to order, just contact us. Check out the selection of one off accessory pieces from past collections and flag shades in our online shop.

Moya’s lighting in her brother Michael Delany’s hospitality fit outs.
* The Bottom End & Sorry Grandma! in Melbourne.
* The Carrington, The Abercrombie, The Norfolk, The Forresters, Fratelli Sopra and Santa Barbara in Sydney.

And for Christo Gillard Interiors:
* The Moat, Ichinee, Ichi-ku, Artful Dodger and School of 7 bells in Melbourne.